Ancient Alkaline Nutrition Mentoring

Unveil & Own Your Carved-Fit-Self: Agelessness Through Ancient, Forgotten, High-Vibe Nutritional Wisdom & Indulgence!
Rediscover the Radiant Power of Alkaline Light Encoded Nutrition as we enhance our nutritional palette on Earth, otherworldly culinary wonders await our exploration.
Are You Ready to:
  • Turbocharge your transformative journey, embracing your body, mind, emotions, and reality?
  • Seamlessly sculpt the ultimate version of yourself — from weight loss and stabilization to carving your ideal fit self, all without the restraints of dieting?
  • Indulge guilt-free in global culinary favorites, from desserts, pizzas, pastas, cookies, to pies and pancakes
  • Experience lasting freedom from cravings, addictions, and food disorders?

Rediscover the Art of Indulgent Nutrition

The true allure of this ancient nutrition lies in its indulgence. With every bite, not only is one indulging in deliciousness but also reaping health benefits. Consuming this food elevates one’s connection with the universe, enhances gut health, and transforms the individual into a beacon of turbo-charged light.
The alchemy is simple. Transition from acidic-forming ingredients to the luminous embrace of alkalinescent ingredients. Fall in love with food again, in its most pure, revitalizing form.
The Alkaline-Vegan Distinction: Veganism celebrates all plants. In contrast, alkaline nutrition resonates with those electrically encoded with light. We cherish ancient plant-based sources that are:
  • Non-hybridized
  • Non-cross-bred
  • Non-cross-pollinated
  • Authentically natural, untouched by labs
Insight: The presence of hybridized foods dates back 10,000 years.
Dive into a transformative consultation with Ameeriaah. Journey from your current state to a reality where your most vibrant self flourishes. Allow the rejuvenating potency of alkaline nutrition to induct you into the exclusive Ageless Club.
Embrace Optimum Health, Peak Performance, Craving Freedom, and Epicurean Indulgences. Welcome to the Ageless Club. 

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Culinary Gourmet Cooking Courses

Indulge while Carving Your Fit-Self: Experience Umami Delights with Brazil Nut Cheeses & Dairies, Your Alternative Health Treat!

Savor the fusion of health and indulgence with our exquisite Brazil Nut Cheeses & Dairies Courses. Elevate your culinary experience as you indulge in the rich umami delights, crafted to perfection. Not just a treat for your taste buds, these alternatives offer a myriad of benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, Brazil nuts contribute to heart health, provide a dose of selenium, and support a robust immune system through empowering probiotics.
Embrace this alternative health treat – a flavorful journey towards well-being and culinary satisfaction. 


Alkaline Culinary Mastery: Elevate Your Palate with Gourmet Cooking Courses featuring all World Cuisine Reinvented, the Alkaline Way!

Embark on a Culinary Adventure! Join our Gourmet Cooking Courses, where we reinvent world cuisine with Brazil nut dairy and cheese, embracing the alkaline way. Explore the art of swapping acidic ingredients for alkaline alternatives, indulging guilt-free while staying fit. Unleash the secrets of flavorful, diet-free living through the magic of alkaline culinary reinvention. Elevate your palate and transform your lifestyle!
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Weight loss - Weight Stabilisation - Fit-Self Through Alkaline Indulgence - Diet Free!

Unlock the Secrets to Effortless Weight Loss and Sculpt Your Ideal Self, all while Savoring Your Favorite Meals the Alkaline Way. Seamlessly Swap Ingredients! Bid Farewell to Restrictive Diets! Revel in Guilt-Free Indulgence!

Experience a Natural Rejuvenation as you Reconnect with the Proven Power of Alkaline Nutrition. Embark on a Culinary Journey that Expands Your Nutritional Horizon with earthly and otherworldly delights awaiting your exploration. Are you prepared to ignite a transformative journey towards your holistic well-being?

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